With the successful launch of the “Real Talk Book Club” came a call from community to come together not only around books, but also around anti-racist films, articles, news stories, and so much more! This FREE MEMBERSHIP will allow you to join in the monthly conversations – conversations that will help you connect the theory behind anti-racist action as we all build an anti-racist world

  • Free Network for those wanting to learn about anti-racist work more generally.
  • Monthly conversations with special guests about anti-racism in the news, movies, and/ or books to help them learn the theory behind anti-racist practice. 
  • Access to small group anti-racist coaching calls with Dr. Laura Mae Lindo at a reduced price.

It is truly our honour to join you in building an anti-racist world. 

Thank you for letting the e(RACE)r Institute™ help you stay focused and achieve your goals.

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