It’s a problem of confidence

When we “do” anti-racist racist work, we are often perceived as being exceptionally confident. But, for me, the struggle is real.

Do I have decades of experience “doing” racial equity work?


Does that make me any less scared every time I put a new anti-racist project, idea, or thought into the universe?


That’s right. You read that correctly.

Each and every time I try something new, there’s a little voice in my head that reminds me of all the things I don’t know:

“Are you sure that’s going to work?”

“Do you really think they are going to believe you?”

“How can you be sure they trust you to make that project come to life?”

The reality is none of us know if what we are suggesting is going to work. We are literally making up the rules as we go.

That’s why, when these voices pop off in my head, I channel my inner Prince.

Welcome to my (anti-racist) world

Remember Prince’s song, Cream? It literally contains the BEST VERSE OF ALL TIME:

You’re so good
Baby there ain’t nobody better (ain’t nobody better)
So you should
Never, ever go by the letter (never ever)
You’re so cool (cool)
Everything you do is success (mmhmm)
Ooh, make the rules (rules)
Then break them all ’cause you are the best (mmhmm)

Shout out to the Master of Funk, the one who puts the SOUL in soul, and the ultimate Artist for all generations: Prince.

Life Goals: To channel this level of cool with each racial equity pitch

That’s right. Prince is SO COOL, that he literally told you how to “do” anti-racist work in style:

Step 1: Recognize that you are good at what you do. Why? Because you are taking a step that most people skip – you are imagining a world where racism doesn’t exist. That means you are open to a higher vibration. You’ve tapped into something bigger and brighter than what you were experiencing or witnessing right now. And the cherry on top? You are courageous enough to give something new a chance.

Step 2: Because you’re a dreamer, you should “never ever go by the letter.” I mean, status quo wasn’t working, hence your dream (a.k.a. understanding your social context). So doing what the system tells you to do makes no sense. Not for a courageous leader like you.

Step 3: Tap back into your inner cool. Just take a minute to remind yourself to approach this venture with swagger ’cause Prince told you: “Everything you do is success.” Bring backup (a.k.a. your sphere of influence) or, if you’re going it alone, bring some groovy shades. They help you bring the vibe you need into the creative venture you’re about to pitch (a.k.a. mobilizing your privilege). This is especially important advice because you may be speaking to folks who don’t know just how cool you truly are… yet.

Step 4: Now, “make the rules and break them all cause you are the best.” Translated into racial equity speak? Recognize the system you’re operating in. Put a spotlight on the rules that are harming some community members while creating a space for the chosen few to thrive. Then pitch your project idea. That’s right. BREAK ‘DEM RULES CAUSE YOU ARE THE BEST.

Step 5: Exit room with a little more swagger, and feel the vibe as others watch in awe as you leave.

Now, if that didn’t put a little pop in your anti-racist stepping I don’t know what will.

Now who’s ready to be the change?

I’m ready to be the change!!

I thought you’d say that, so here are few ways that you can get more involved in building racial equity in your community:

Got a project idea? Share with it me with a click of the super groovy button below (Yes. I made it purple for his Royal Badness.)

It doesn’t matter how detailed or high level the anti-racist project idea is. If you’re toying with an idea that can make the world a better anti-racist place, the e(RACE)r Institute wants. to help.

If you have questions, need some more encouragement, and want to drop me a line, leave your message for me below.

And finally, if you just like free surprises, click the link below and enjoy.

Can’t wait to see what we create!

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