It’s time to A.C.T.

I see your commitment and I am truly humbled to be part of your anti-racist journey. You see, what I have learned is that when your foundation is solid, anything is possible.

That’s why I am so excited to have you here, exploring ways that you can A.C.T. for Racial Equity.

To A.C.T. for Racial Equity is to move from understanding anti-racist theory to putting that theory into practice.

Are you ready to:

  • Turn anti-racist theory into racial equity in practice?
  • Turn an idea that you have into an anti-racist solution?
  • Gather the tools that will get an anti-racist project out of a rut, or off of the ground?

Awesome! The e(RACE)r Institute is ready, willing, and able to help. 

By walking you through the A.C.T. process, this course will help you to:

A: Associate Meaning

A stand for “Associate Meaning”. Here, we give you the tools to help you make connections between individual acts of racism and broader social justice movements. 

How do we get there from here? You get there by taking your first 2 critically important steps:

Step 1: Helps you to connect your SELF to the movement for racial equity.

Step 2: Helps you to expand your understanding of the social context for building racial equity in a single sector.

C: Create Connections

C stands for “Create Connections.” Here, we help you to articulate your strategic intentions in meaningful ways. You will learn how to set out real goals and targets. And, most importantly, you will learn how to assess and evaluate the steps you take as you implement a racial equity project. 

How do we get there from here? You get there by taking your next 2 critically important steps:

Step 3: Helps you recognize your sphere of influence.

Step 4: Helps you to develop an anti-racist project idea – something you’re passionate about addressing.

T: Tune and Fine Tune

T stands for “Tune and Fine Tune.” Here, we help you to adjust your work as needed while you actualize your pathway towards your anti-racist vision. 

How do we get there from here? You get there by taking your final 2 critically important steps:

Step 5: Helps you put all the pieces together to bring your project to life.

Step 6: Helps you to create solid reflection practices when doing racial equity work.

Now, are you ready to get to work?

SIGN UP TODAY and let’s make magic happen… because an anti-racist world begins with you. 

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