You have had a chance to tease out the people within your sphere of influence who can help. And you have focused in on a particular project. So far, so good, right?

What I hear most from people who are helping to build anti-racist communities is that they feel alone. When things get hard, or when a project goes sideways, they rarely have people to talk to who are traveling a similar path.

That’s why I created the e(RACE) Network™. It’s a space for serious anti-racist practitioners new and less new who are working towards a particular anti-racist goal.

By joining the e(RACE)r Network™ you are working alongside other like-minded community members who are actively working on a racial equity project.

The e(RACE)r Network™ will help you:


  • You will now have access to Dr. Laura Mae Lindo’s groundbreaking A.C.T. for Racial Equity™ course for FREE!


  • You can now connect with other anti-racist leaders in your sector who may have encountered problems similar to yours.
  • And you can connect with other anti-racist leaders outside of your sector who can help you think outside the box.


  • You can set up one-on-one meetings with Dr. Laura Mae Lindo at a reduced price to help you check your goals, develop new strategies, and keep energized as you do this important work.

Thank you for letting the e(RACE)r Institute™ help you stay focused and achieve your goals.

It is truly our honour to join you in building an anti-racist world.

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