Dr. Laura Mae Lindo standing outside and smiling.
Dr. Laura Mae Lindo

Thank you so much for joining us as we strive to create an anti-racist world.

Our mission is simple: to turn anti-racist theory into practice.

That means thinking critically about the world we live in,  imagining the world we want, and committing to concrete anti-racist actions that will make our communities thrive. 

If you are committed to anti-racist work, and you have already registered, you can head to the MEMBERSHIP PORTAL and head inside.

If you’re ready to register, you can choose your Membership Level right HERE.

And if you’re still getting ready to get to work, not to worry – you’re in the right place:

You can gather some free tools to help you with your anti-racist journey by registering for the FREE Real Talk, Real Walk™ membership. This is the newest evolution of the original Real Talk Book Club. (You can read more about our roots in the ABOUT tab!)

If you missed my BIG SURPRISE ANNOUNCEMENT on May 6, 2023, not to worry! Click the button below and watch the REPLAY:

And, as always, if you have any questions, reach out to me at: [email protected] or you can drop us a line right here:

In service and with immense gratitude,

Laura Mae.

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