A letter to e(RACE)r Institute members

Dr. Laura Mae Lindo, Emancipation Month Act, December 2021

Dear e(RACE)r Institute™ Fam-Jam,

I cannot express enough my gratitude to each and everyone of you for being here.

Whether you were part of the Real Talk Book Club, or you are new to the movement, I see you.

Whether you are nearing the end of an anti-racist initiative, mid-way through an important community project, or you are just trying to figure out where you want this anti-racist journey to lead you, I see you.

Whether you are doing your work in public, or doing your own personal work, I see you.

Doing anti-racist work – moving from theory to practice – is a journey. It has ups and downs and successes and mishaps.

And when you embark on this journey, it can feel lonely.

This is where the e(RACE)r Institute™ comes in.

Given the rise of overt and covert examples of racism in the world around us, and given the history of white supremacy around the globe, we need each other more now than every before. These shifts have resulted in the re-engagement of racist ideologies in education, politics, physical and mental health, employment, housing, and the arts (among other sectors).

But we can change all of this.

And this change requires each and every one of you.

It is my hope, and my sincerest desire, that this organizing space assists each of us on our anti-racist journeys. As we build our very own anti-racist collective, we expand the support network that we need to continue to grow and learn in real time, with real, strategic objectives.

Thank you again for trusting me with this important work.

With gratitude,

Laura Mae.

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